A good portion of my life has been spent playing the piano for everyone else's diva moments. Now it's my turn. I invite you to accompany ME through my life's diva and, well, not so diva-like moments. It'll be entertaining. Promise.

Friday, January 22, 2010


So, Wednesday morning found us lazy in our pj's after a long Tuesday of Institute starting back up and Chorale practice. Hmm, what to do...

Good idea! Let's call and see if they are having storytime at the library!

Hi, Ms. Linda, are you sure storytime is on for this morning?

And what about the stamps? Cause you know I'm not comin if there are no stamps - that would be one for each hand....you got em'?

Ah yeah, song time. Why exactly are you jumping up and down again?
Oh, man, here come the stories...why does mom always want me to be still for the dang stories?
Ah, yes, another song...and you're waving your arms from side to side because....
C'mon mom....another story? Oh, the torture. Look, even the little lady back there can't take it.
While we're waiting for the cd player, I think I'll go check out this hot chick over here. Oh, yeah, baby, look at these goods!

More songs...ok ladies, I guess a few ab crunches wouldn't do me no harm...
Check it out little lady in the red...I can be a manly-man.
If I have to pretend to listen to one more story...
Hey it's alright little lady...I took a bath last night...
Woohoo! That's the last story! Almost stamp time!
It's this way! This is why we come here man!
Awww, yeah, red teddy bear stamps. Life is good.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Social Networking

So, what's on my mind today? Well, lemme tell ya. I have been pondering how global communication has changed in the last ten years or so, and the effects, both present and future, it has and will have on society. I'm sure I am not the first person to ponder this and definitely not the last, but here are my thoughts.

I wonder whether or not the introduction of myspace, facebook, twitter, blogger, etc. has changed the way society communicates, both on small and large levels. First of all, the reactions to these methods of communications range from disgust to delight. I know people on both ends of the spectrum and am always fascinated by the difference of opinion. A profound skepticism and mistrust of these social networking sites seems prevelant in a fair amount of the baby boomers I know, whereas my generation and younger can't get enough of them. Assuming they will be around for generations to come, I find it fascinating to contemplate their effect on society.

I have lived on both sides - with and without these sites available during my adult life. Often these days I wonder why I am drawn to check status updates to find out that Susan was awake at 3 in the morning, or Bobby got all the laundry done today. Maybe it's because I also find out that my sister's cute little boy said something hilarious or my brother put up a picture he took that afternoon of his darling little girl. Wait, you say, 10 years ago I could have found out that information or seen that picture on e-mail... Ah, yes, but then I would miss out on Susan's insomnia and Bobby's clean clothes! Fascinating, isn't it? I can know on any given day that my old friend from junior high has had a fabulous day. I can see a picture of my old friend who lives half-way around the world that I haven't been in touch with for 25 years. I love that part of it. What I am not crazy about is the insane drive to the computer to check status updates/new blog posts. This bothers me - hence, the pondering.

So, back to communication. Have these sites changed the way we communicate? I think so. We know so much more detail about our everyday lives. I am flabbergasted to watch how much information people choose to share and the way they share it. Some examples - I have facebook friends who are comfortable sharing just about anything on their minds, including strong political preferences, details of their personal struggles with any difficult issue they're facing, and requests for prayers. It is interesting to watch priorities emerge from status updates...I could name off to you 5 friends right now and what is important to them on a daily basis based on their frequent status updates. Speaking of status updates, I have facebook friends who never post status updates...I will just see their names every once in a while when they add a new friend. Then there are the once in a while status updaters/lurkers/commenters on everyone else's status updates. This is where I would group myself. Finally we have the every-few-hour updaters who fall into several different categories - i.e. those who just type what is on their mind at the moment, those who give you a daily calendar of their schedules, those who have a cause or several causes that are important to them, and those who are desperately seeking for attention/love. Finally we come to the "so-and-so went to the next level in this game", or "so-and-so raked the manure on someone else's farm", etc. ad nauseum. Thankfully, facebook has provided a way to hide those wonderful "thanks, but I really didn't need to know that updates"....i'd just rather know that you cooked a mean lasagna tonight!

Blogging has made long distance living away from family not quite the dramatic separation it used to be. I feel like I know my brother's and sister's kids because of the pictures, videos and stories their parents have shared through blogging. I group blogging and facebook together because when I check one I usually immediately check the other, along with my e-mail, but the actual time spent from least to most is usually e-mail, blogger, facebook. However, I also group facebook separate from blogging because when I blog I feel like I am journaling and accomplishing something good (well, usually). A lot of the time on facebook I feel like I am wasting time scrolling through status updates to find out that Bobby had an omelet for breakfast and Susan can't find her socks. I guess what I am trying to say is that I find both positives and negatives regarding communication on these sites.

Regardless of their postive and negative qualities, social networking sites cannot replace the most important type of communication: that of one human being literally being within a few feet of another human being with the ability to feel that persons soul because they are actually physically in the same room speaking to each other (not texting). To reach out and literally physically touch that person in a way that no video cam or minute-by-minute status update can. Do these sites make such an impact on society that eventually this most important type of communication will be replaced? Or do they have no impact whatsoever? I believe only time will tell and the impact in my view will be somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. It does make for good contemplating when you're out on a stroll or a drive.

As for me, I'm done with this blog post and am going to go snuggle with my schweetie. TMI? IDK, you decide. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

To begin this year, I went through all the pictures we took from 2009. Here are some of the things we did...
Played with Christmas toys
Had a first swing at the park
Went to a school awards assembly
Went to Girls Night Out at Wilson Elementary
Turned 7
Played at Cole Park

Laughed and hugged!

Celebrated Easter
Took a run to the beach on a swine flu break from school

Had a Girls Night Out (or in...) (no, that is NOT a wine bottle that Lane is holding for those or you who are curious - it's a bottle of the most amazing Philippine cooking sauce)
Completed 1st grade
Performed at the dance recital - Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass
Had family come to visit Turned 1
Took his first steps!
Had his first big boy haircut
Played out in the backyard during the hottest Corpus summer on record
Crawled around the beach
Gnawed on a few belts
Took some awesome YW to Girls Camp at Camp Karankawa
Ventured to the Houston Children's Museum before the craziness of the school year began

Started 2nd grade
Planted a new garden
Took a bay cruise
Dressed up for Halloween
Had fun with my new razorEnjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with friends
Dressed warm for the 8th coldest December on record
Celebrated the birth of our Savior
Got a new family member...Freddy...or Ginny...we still haven't decided
We had a great 2009!! We are blessed in so many ways, but as I looked through these pictures I thought about how blessed I am to have my little family - they are the joy of my life. I love the kind, supportive, hard-working husband I have and I love watching my two beautiful children change and grow and learn. Heavenly Father sure knew what He was doing when He designed the family unit. I am so grateful for them. Here's to another year full of good times and memory making!