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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Have a Double Digit Girl!!

Kaylee turned 10 and I feel old.

We were going to celebrate at Peter Piper, but their credit card machine was down so we went to Chuck-e-Cheese instead. 
 Yummy cheesecake by request.  (Thank you HEB :)
 Like her Grandpa Wadley said, next year she'll have to use her toes to count!
 Baby girl had a good time.
 The whole fam.
 The cool bike thing that I wish I was young enough to still ride.
 Shawn did something really special for Kaylee's birthday.  He brought home flowers for her AND me.  He gave me a card saying happy 10-year anniversary for being a mom.  It was the sweetest thing in the whole world and made me cry.  Then he gave us a gift card for a girls night out so we went and got pedi's a few weeks later.  What an awesome guy!
I love my little Kay so very much.  She is such a HUGE help with the other two, and is always so thoughtful towards me.  Not to mention being so talented, smart, beautiful, etc.  :)  I lucked out BIGTIME!! 

Happy Birthday KAYLEE!!

A couple of videos:

http://youtu.be/lGJuHdkqK6U - Happy Birthday Song at Chuck-E-Cheese

http://youtu.be/XkjvwczFtzY - Kids Dancing at Chuck-E-Cheese

Baby Girl is WALKING!!

Check out these two adorable videos.  The first is a few days after she took her first steps, and the second is a few weeks later at Kaylee's birthday celebration.  She is precious!! (our family nickname for her)