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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

After Kaylee/s 101 degree fever all day that finally broke around 3 in the afternoon, we went out and did a little trick-or-treating. Poor girl, she was so excited to go to school for Halloween and there were many tears because she had to miss. We caught up with her teacher, Mrs. Baker that evening (in the picture below), then went to our friends Rudy and Patsy's house for some eats to hang out. Kaylee went to a few more houses, but was still fairly weak, so she was content to pass out candy. Check out my little guy - I had the Princess and the Pea this Halloween. (Although technically she's a butterfly...)


  1. HOW ADORABLE! I love it. They are both adorable. I love that she is still smiling even with being so sick. Poor doll face.

  2. Kaylee---I need to check my work before I post!

  3. I am sorry Kayless was sick! That must have been a bummer.

    I love the costumes!

  4. That pic of Kay and baby are SO CUTE!

  5. Did you pick that little pea from your garden? Wish I could grow one that cute! They look absolutely tasty and I am so sad for Kaylee! That is really hard to not be able to go to school on Halloween.

    Tell her that Luke was barfing that night too. At least it was orange, though, so it was festive vomit. :)