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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun Despite the Crud


Last weekend was a mess - we were all sick with the crud except Shawn (who continues to cross his fingers that he won't get it). We're all much better now - Kaylee and Aaron still have nasty coughs, but you all know how that goes...and goes...and goes...

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with our good friends Rudy and Patsy and their family on Thursday evening, then set our tree up Friday night. We had a good time together as a family. Here's a clip...

And the finishing touch...

Yay for Target after Christmas specials - this is the first year for both a pre-lit tree AND a star! How fun!


  1. We are so excited to see you guys too!:) It looks like you moved your tree! I like where you put it! See you soon!!!

  2. You sound like your crud didn't really leave you yet! :) Your tree is so pretty and kaylee is a good star-topper! We got ours and put it up yesterday and it makes it feel like the real thing! Love you guys!

  3. Hey! Loved it! I cant wait till I get my tree... Eh! Hey will you give me a call when you can? I need to ask you something!!! :)

  4. I am glad you guys are feeling better!

    The tree looks GREAT!

  5. Sorry you were sick! Yuck! No worries about the book club (you slacker :)) Just come whenever you can! Your tree looks so nice. I'm in need of a better, less ghetto-looking one, so I may be hitting the Target after-Christmas sale too!

  6. i am so glad i found you. i think about you often and wonder what you are up too? are you coming home to boise for the holidays? we have a blog too www.thekotters.blogspot.com i a;m sorry you got sick, that is a bummer.
    love ya,

  7. Boger,

    I didn't even know you guys had a blog. Shows how quick I am. Looks like you guys had a good Thanksgiving. The video looks very similar to our traditions too with setting up the tree and all. We'll miss you guys at Christmas.