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Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Have you ever considered yourself to be an expert on something, and in all your glory and beaming pride get knocked down a notch or two?? After Kaylee was born I spent hour upon hour reading and researching how to get this child to sleep. The sleepless nights and days rolled together into one big, fat ball of hormonal goo that was NOT a pretty sight. Well, I figured it out and have a girl who has slept great since I learned the big secret - they have to LEARN how to fall asleep and stay asleep. Ever since that glorious revelation and subsequent years of blissful paradise, I have smartly prided myself on being the "I know how to get your child to sleep queen". And gosh darn it, if I wasn't right on in the few instances where I took over and trained the little ones, much to the parents relief.

Well, this little guy of mine is sure testing the waters. He is swirling that pool of pride right down the drain. In all of his cuteness, smilingness, adorableness, gigglingness, kissableness, I have fallen hopelessly and irrevocably in love. I believe the feeling is mutual because my little man has taken to screaming bloody murder when I lovingly lay his blanky over him in his crib and bid him farewell.

Now what to do...

Believing that the precious one will need his sleep to continue in all of the nesses mentioned above, the naps and sleep will continue on their mandated schedule of mommy and baby sanity. In the meantime, please pray that this is just a test, is only a test, and had this been a real emergency, the number for Supernanny would have popped up on my computer screen.


  1. you lil man is darn cute! isnt that funny how we can do the things we think we cant and when we thinnk we know.. well.. yea. HAH! Ok- lunch tomorrow! Fo-shure!!!!

  2. oh da I'm sorry. At least you are in love with him! That makes it easier. I hope it doesn't last long for you.

  3. Kath- that is so sweet...they have a knack for being able to make us feel inadequate sometimes. Love you!

  4. Great post! I was entertained, not at the fact little man is not sleeping, but at how you illustrated it. Remember: it will pass. This is just a phase and before you know it you will be sending him off on a mission. Just putting things into perspective ;)