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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Trip to Houston

We took a much-needed couple of days out of town with the kids to the Children's Museum in Houston. It is FABULOUS!! We got to Houston early Monday afternoon, and made a quick stop at Marshalls after I realized I had left Shawn's swim trunks at home. What was supposed to be a quick stop ended up being a way to kill time as we waited for the thunderstorm (yes, those lucky suckers get rain 4 hours away in Houston) to quit, the power to come back on in the store, and the hotel to open for check-in. As always, Kaylee made the most of the time we had to kill....

and Aaron joined in the fun right along with her....

Shawn found the whole scene mildy amusing.....OK, maybe not.....

We got checked into the fancy, schmnansy 4 star hotel where they don't let you lift a finger to wipe the sweat of your forehead, and headed to the pool. It felt SO good - we loved it. Dinner was at the nearby mall, which, may I say, was quite a treat. It was a REAL mall, with a REAL food court, and layer upon layer of stores in so many levels you could (and we did) easily get lost in. The best part was an ice-skating rink right next to the food court. After dinner and walking and Aaron's diaper blowout (a whole nother story of which I will spare you all the gory details - suffice it to say I hadn't packed an extra outfit...) Kaylee and I dropped Aaron and Shawn back at the hotel and headed back to skate for a few hours. It was so fun! Kaylee did amazingly well for her first time skating and kept at it in spite of the falls. We spent Tuesday at the Children's Museum. I would HIGHLY recommend it if you have kids and are ever in the Houston area. We spent 6 hours there and easily could have spent 6 more. They have activitives for kids of all ages. It was so much fun to watch the kids having fun - that was Shawn and I's favorite part about the trip. Here are some highlights...


  1. I love trips like that, misus the blow out. :) They are so worth it and ones your always look back too.

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! Glad you guys went.

  3. I love the pictures. I need to tell Rudy so he can take our grandkids, his been wanting to take them somewhere different and fun. I am sure glad you mentioned the museum. Tell Kaylee I enjoyed the modeling of the shoes. A girl cannot own enough shoes!!!

  4. Fun times! We will have to go there when Holly gets a little older. Also, girls' camp looks like it was a blast! What is "Seaside Family Vacation?" (This is Katie, by the way--new blog. Yay!)

  5. What a cool trip! It's nice to get away sometimes. I love the "tuckered out" picture!