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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ode to Sparky

I remember the day I first saw your cute little face.
You were under Rudy's sweatshirt waiting to take your place
In the Smith family, yes, little did you know!
Rudy played Santa that year with a Ho, Ho, Ho!!

He told us he got you from a customer at work
We were so excited, we almost went beserk!
You were so tiny, a cute little pup..
I couldn't wait to get home and just eat you up.

The puppy days were filled with the usual mess,
the cleaning, and yapping, and all-around stress.
It will get better, I said, just wait and see,
In a few months he'll be trained and be rid of the fleas.

A few months went by, then a few months more,
Cesar Milan and I bonded, yeah, really hardcore.
We made a little progress with the pee and the leash
Now if he'd only stop biting and chewing on everything...GEESH!

First it was the siding, then the grill knobs,
It finally came to a head after three sets of quads.
The dog at that point was banished permanantly outside
Where he liked to escape, yes he tried and he tried.

He was quite successful, I'll tell you why, you see
His mom (me) had to have a house built with pier and with beam. (But that's a whole nother story...I digress)
Rocks, bricks, cement were brought in by the ton,
But the sucker still got out and away he would run.

He liked his adventures, and I liked them too,
Cause when he came home he was too tired to chew.
We'd let him inside our room at night
At least then he'd be too tired to bite.

So threats were made, we came pretty close
To getting rid of the guy before our drywall was exposed.
Mostly it was me, I still wanted him around
You bond when you run together and feed him, I found.

He kept getting out, we tried really hard,
The temptation was too great compared to the monotony of our yard.
The street was too busy, he picked a bad time.
The sun was just setting and I can't find a rhyme.

We cried and we'll miss him even though he gave us grief.
Our time with him here in this house was too brief.
We're taking a break, no more pups for right now.
We've got plenty of strays who will eat up the chow.

So Sparky, when we see you again in the next life to come
We'll have a foundation and a door that doesn't succumb
To the South Texas weather changes. Won't that be grand?
Just wait for us boy, we'll meet you in the promised land!

Sparky Smith
November 2006 - Novemeber 2009
We'll miss you.


  1. Oh no! Poor lil sparky. You sure wrote him a nice poem though.

  2. DA!!! That was an awesome poem. How long did that take you? Poor little Sparky. Sounds like he had too much adventure blood in him and not enough "pet me, pet me, pet me" blood. Hope you all are handling it okay. (they are fun to cuddle with aren't they!)

  3. Hi Doddle,
    Wow, that sure brought tears to my eyes. You are a REAL genuine poet! That was wonderful! There will time for another "Sparky." I love you!

  4. Wow Kath! You have Shauna's talent for sure! I am very impressed! Sorry the little guy is gone!

  5. Koth, seriously, I got so teary eyed. This was so clever and every rhyme just nailed it. Good job! Poor Sparky. But, we'll see him again.


  6. What a nice little people for Sparky!
    that little stinker!!!

  7. How can you even stand it!?! Those pictures are so cute! and the poem...just beautiful!