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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recital Time!!

Kaylee spent the majority of Friday nights and Saturday mornings for the last several months rehearsing for Oz! The Musical. Her dance studio put on the production last Saturday and it was great! Kaylee THRIVES on this sort of thing...can't wait for every rehearsal and is sad when it's all over. She auditioned for a speaking/singing role in January and was cast as a winged monkey. She had several lines throughout the second act and a few songs with the other monkeys. So fun!!! We couldn't take pics during the actual performance, but here's a few after.
My cute little winged monkey!

Kaylee with Jilissa - the owner of InStep Dance

Kaylee with Amanda - her jazz teacher
Another monkey...

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  1. She is the cutest winged monkey I have ever seen! I bet she did awesome. It's gotta be so fun that she loves to do it and you aren't forcing anything on her. Always and forever a doll face!