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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Hard Workin Man

One of the nice things about Shawn's job is the extra time he has in the summer to hang out with the fam. It makes up for the insane days during April and October when we don't see him all that much. He is always good at doing fun stuff with the kids. Kaylee had a book from the library with instructions on how to make a volcano...sounds perfect for a daddy/daughter science experiment.

The first day...forming the volcano...

Next day...after the newspaper dried...painting...

Adding the ingredients to make it erupt. Watching the final result...

Not only does the man spend quality time with the kids...he fixes stuff around the house!

This is before... after... before... after... Refinishing hardwood floors is hard work...not that I would know personally...just from observation. :) It's especially hard when your wife picks the wrong color and you have to resand the whole thing a second time. So worth it though in the end...doesn't it look great?!! Thanks hon!


  1. WOW!!! That floor looks AMAZING!! I've never refinished hardwood floors. But I once read how to do it and decided it was way too much work. That looks so great!

    And the volcano is pretty neat, too. Thumbs up for science!

  2. Wow! Both activities look great! He is amazing as are you!! :)

  3. What a good dad and hubby. Fun volcano, and the floor looks AWESOME!

  4. Impressive- the floor looks awesome! That "erupting" video was hilarious...Kaylee just kept staring like "so- that's it?" Looks fun! Miss you guys!

  5. SO ambitious! the volcano & the floors...amazing to see the before and afters. I always thought your floors looked good. Now I'm guessing they look divine!

  6. The floor looks amazing! I am so impressed. Looks like you guys have had a busy summer!