A good portion of my life has been spent playing the piano for everyone else's diva moments. Now it's my turn. I invite you to accompany ME through my life's diva and, well, not so diva-like moments. It'll be entertaining. Promise.

Monday, December 27, 2010


No, I didn't watch the American Music Awards. Those shows are getting way too raunchy for my taste. What I did do this morning after rising 2 hours before it was necessary because my pregnant body is all wacked out was create a Mormon profile!! It was way easy. If you click on the pink button on the right you can see it after they approve it...not sure how long that takes. I love that there are tools like this to share my testimony online. What I don't love is looking for other people on that site like me...I clicked on the age options and I was in the 35-49 category. That just feels way to old. I much prefer the 24 - 34 category. I have really begun to feel my age with this pregnancy...starting with my ob nagging me about getting an amnio. I didn't get one. I had a CVS procedure done with Kaylee (just like an amnio only earlier on in the pregnancy) and watching the needle be that close to my baby was not fun. Anyway, if you're pregnant and 35 or older they label you with "advanced maternal age".


Not liking that one. They nag you to get the amnio after this age because the risk for problems with the baby goes up the older you get. Sighhh...I know there is a quote from one of the prophets to have your children young, and I certainly can see why. Well, this little one inside of me seems to be baking just fine, considering the pains I get with his/her kicks. Won't be long now!! :)


  1. Oh you tell them to bug off with the AMA crap. You are quita hephesh. Can't wait to hear how your appt goes on Mond. love you da!

  2. I have no idea what Jen said :) but I will second the "love you" and the "tell them to bug off" part. Can't wait to meet this little one! So excited!

  3. I can't remember your exact due date but I know it's getting close. So excited for you all! Love ya!