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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recent Pics and Happenings...

Last week was Texas Public School week at Kay's school. Here she is all decked out in her western gear...
This one is getting more and more interactive...we have regular "conversations" every day now.
Someone had a birthday!! This year was a "friend year". (We alternate every-other-year between family parties and friend parties). So the girl got to invite some friends to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate.

This one has been sleeping better and better at nights. She will regularly go 6-8 hours now, feed, and go back for another 2-4. :)

He has been learning to hit the ball! It is his current favorite activity, and he's getting pretty dang good at it!

Notice the half smile (we get a lot of big ones these days), and the top-notch! And the thighs :) She was 11 and a half pounds at her 2 month - 75th percentile!

Kay's class at school went to the Nadatorium for a weeks worth of swim lessons. She had a great time!

That's what's been going on around here...what have you been up to?


  1. Oh my goodness your pictures are gorgeous!I miss you...we need to talk soon.

  2. Cute update Da! Can't believe how much older Aaron and Rebekah look. She is so adorable. I just want to cuddle with her and nibble on her cheeks. So glad the dollface had a good birthday. Love you!

  3. I love the update! everyone is looking super cute and looks like lots of fun! Miss you guys! Hope to se you guys soon!