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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Happenings

4th of July found us at Cole Park this year.  Well, what's left of Cole Park.  They are renovating it and we are way excited about the new play equipment and floor they are putting in. 
Notice the Princess' expression:  HELP ME!!  :)

Kaylee's 4th of July do.  Wish I was creative enough to come up with this myself, but I'm not.  Stole it from a friend on facebook.  Turned out way cute!

The weather was perfect that night and after mommy getting over the fact that our city somehow thinks a fireworks show is a fireworks show without music, we had a great time.

The next weekend found us at the temple while these cute kids played with my cute friend Sarah at the park.

What a brave woman in the 100 degree heat.  Love her and love that she loves my kids!

Insert funny caption here.

My handsome hunk of a husband and me at my most favorite place on earth.

More Aaron singing videos...the first one is the "Fathers" song from the children's songbook...he's singing the chorus.  The second is for mom...a local favorite at the library storytimes here.  I play these videos often to remind myself that terror child really can be a little angel.  :)

I find this next clip hilarious.  I was out in the yard with the kids enjoying the shade and the water yesterday afternoon.  While reading my book my attention was distracted by this little girl and her incredibly active and creative imagination.  Influences for this piece of creative play come from 2 current movie favorites:  The Princess and the Frog, and  The King and I.  I love how she brings Aaron in on the act.  This really is priceless and something I'm so glad I caught.
Isn't she a beauty?!  I love her!
P.S.  The recipe is a new one that schweets found recently - key lime pie - I know, you're thinking with Ritz crackers?!  Trust me, TO DIE FOR!


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  1. Love the update Da! Looks like a fun, hot summer. I love Rebekah's hat and outfit at the park. What a beauty. I hear you on the fireworks music. We had some this year, but some of it was so weird. Seriously, what are people thinking?