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Friday, November 30, 2012

Aaron's Fall 2012

Aaron began Preschool this fall at Ms. Diane's Building Blocks Preschool.  Here he is on his first day.

 First day arriving at school.

 In October, his class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch.

 His arts and crafts teacher, Ms. Misti.

His Preschool teacher, Ms. Diane.

Playtime on the last day before Christmas break.

Christmas program.
We absolutely LOVED Miss Diane and her fabulous preschool.  My favorite memory is on the very first day...Aaron was so excited when we got there he ran right into the classroom and yelled, "I'm here!"  Classic Aaron.  :)

Aaron participated in his first season of soccer this fall!  His team was the Stingrays.  Here he is before his first game.

Waiting for the game to start with his teammates.

Team huddle.

Watch him in action!

Last game.

With his best soccer bud, Santiago.

More action.

Aaron had a great time in soccer.  It will start back up again in the spring.  We're excited for another great season!  

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