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Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Days Are Here!


Well, I'm a few days late, but better late than never, right?! Kaylee had a great first day of school on Monday. She is in Mrs. Baker's class in the first grade at Robert Wilson Elementary School. She loves her new class and yesterday she was "Star of the Day". The kids asked her questions about what she likes and then drew pictures and wrote sentences about her which were then compiled into a Star of the Day book she got to keep.

A few notes about the pictures - the ones in the yard are from her first day. The middle one in the first row is from Tuesday. The middle row has an interesting story to go along with them. Shawn did a craft project with Kaylee last week - they made a pinata. Well after the second layer of newspaper went around the balloon we left it out in the backyard to dry - hanging quite high on a higher to keep it away from Sparky. The dog, turns out, has supernatural powers and was able to get to it anyway. So daddy had a note from a little girl in his pocket the next day that read something like, "Plese remeber to pick up a pinata after wrok today. Love, Kaylee" Well, how could he resist?! He got a High School Musical pinata and Kaylee invited a friend over to pull the strings with her. (I guess this is the new politically correct version of the pinata - I still like the ones better where you get to whack them).

As for me, I have positively resigned myself to being home for the next couple of months - and I mean home, home! My little guy does not do well with the car seat, stroller, or pretty much anything except for the swing and rocker for longer than a half hour. So my house will be clean, there will be lots of home-cooked meals (I just made some banana bread this morning that turned out fabulous - new recipe!) hopefully some family history work done, and practicing of course. I also want to use this time to get more deeply into the scriptures. I have had a really good institute experience here in Corpus last year and it opened my eyes to the scriptures as I have never seen them before. So, there are lots of things to keep me busy. :) Oh, and did I mention a little guy who loves to give smiles??!!! Hope everyone has a good day.


  1. The pinata story is too cute! KayKay is such a doll!

  2. Da, What a cute little lady you have. I didn't know she got a little hair trim. She looks adorable. How could a daddy resist after that cute note. What a lady. Hope the meatloaves turned out good! love ya tons.