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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


If there is such a thing as Scrooge for Halloween, I would be it. I start grumbling in August every year thinking about the money I will spend on costumes/candy/decorations. I try really hard to bring up childhood memories of fun Halloween's (and I know I had them) and the excitement I always felt as a kid, but somehow those memories can't seem to overpower my general moodiness as I contemplate another year of scouring the stores for cheap costumes/candy/decoration.

(At this point all of you Halloween lovers can pick your jaws up off the floor).
Nevertheless, I stalwartly go about my yearly duty with a stop at the thrift store when I feel like if I leave it any longer my kids will have to resort to wearing a pillow case over their heads with circles cut out for the eyes. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you, just ask Charlie Brown and co.)
Kaylee, bless her little heart, has informed me months beforehand that she will be a cheerleader and has already put together her own costume (without any prompting from me) from items in her room (thank goodness she loves dressups).

So, the problem is Aaron. It is not a matter of WHAT he will be for Halloween (although I did have a moment of inspiration to dress him as a football player since Kaylee was a cheerleader), it is a matter of what the thrift store has available in his size. The standing rule is I absolutely will not pay over 5 bucks for a costume. (All jaws that were previously picked up may now drop again).

Well, let me tell you, the pickins were slim. As in, ONE, yes ONE costume that would fit my little guy (plenty of choices for little girls....grrrr...). It looked like it would fit (no size tag) so I decided for $2.72 I would make it fit, as there was no trying on clothes that day with a disgruntled kid in the cart.

Home we go, and after a wash and stretching of the fabric I decide it will do (barely).

Whew...costumes are taken care of.

Kaylee again saves the day by bringing home two lovely pumpkins she had drawn at school for decorations to add to the cute, crafty decorations she made with Sarah (who also saved the day) when we went to San Antonio. Decorations...check.

Now, for candy. Everytime I go to the store I see the isle. Every time I go to the store I avoid the isle. I finally have to walk the isle at Walmart to buy two bags for the ward halloween party...actually I make Kaylee walk it while I hide trying to find battery operated pumpkin lights (which they're out of....grrrrr..) Ouch, that was painful. Finally, the day before trick or treat I brave the isle at our local HEB....WHAT!!!! You want 3.99 for a teeny tiny bag of Twix's?!?!?!?! I love Halloween...I love Halloween...I love Halloween... I love Halloween...

Despite my general scrougeiness, I always end up begrudgingly admitting the money spent on cheap clothing and teeth rotting sugar is not so bad when I see and feel my kid's excitement. This year we had the ward party the night before, then went to two parties (a friend's from PTA and birthday party next door) on Halloween. Kaylee got to trick or treat at the birthday party down our street then I took her out to some friends in the ward later. Aaron hadn't taken a nap that day so he had fun at the parties and by 6:30 had had it. Daddy took him home to bed, watched football and handed out candy. Going out with Kaylee was my favorite part...she was so excited...fun to watch her those two days.

Oh, we also carved pumpkins the Monday before and they turned out great. I made pumpkin soup which was OK (wouldn't make it again) and tried a new recipe for a pumpkin roll that turned out fabulous!

OK, maybe the holiday is not so bad...maybe...I guess. :)

My girl helping out with the decorations...

Shawn's master pumpkin carving...

Kay with hers...

Ready for the ward party

Can't get enough candy!
Playin' games...

The three amigos...Bro. Pena, Bro. Morlett, Bro. Rangel...they kept Aaron fed and entertained most of the night. :)
Aaron with Christiana...his favorite buddy at church.


  1. Your right...my jaw would have dropped if I didn't already know this about you. How? How is it possible to begrudge this holiday when your children always turn out looking so cute? Even if they are dressed in 2 dollar outfits from the thrift store? I am proud of you for putting on a happy face- the little ones seem to think all was hunky-dory! Well done and you made it. Here's to next year! :)

  2. You know I just think Halloween is pointless!!! I HATE scarry stuff! I dont like that all the kids are in bad moods the days after because all they have eaten is candy....umm.. maybe b/c I didnt grow up with it. But I hate halloween... But I must say making the haunted house these last few years has made me a lil excited about it... I enjoy that!

  3. Oh, poor da. I'm sorry you are so anti-halloween. I love it, but definitely go on the cheap too. When people ask me what the kids are going to be I saw "whatever I can find at the used store" But now you have it with K. She actually knows what she wants to be. Cute kiddos, cute pumpkins, cute costumes...where's my cute sister? Oh, behind the camera. That's right.

  4. I like Halloween, and this year made it even more fun since we had our own home to pass out candy in and our own yard to decorate.

    Your kiddos looked adorable! I know what you mean about KK's excitement, too. it was infectious!

  5. You are so funny, Kathryn! I am sure I will feel exactly the same way about Halloween when Holly gets a little older...right now, we can get away with turning the lights off and hiding from trick-or-treaters. Their costumes are so cute! Good for Kaylee for her DIY costume.