A good portion of my life has been spent playing the piano for everyone else's diva moments. Now it's my turn. I invite you to accompany ME through my life's diva and, well, not so diva-like moments. It'll be entertaining. Promise.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had such a nice Thanksgiving this year. We got together with our friends the Villas, some of their family, and the DeHarts at their Deli. The day was perfect with beautiful weather, fabulous food, and wonderful company. We have so much to be thankful for here in our little corner of the world. I love this day that reminds me to give thanks. Here are a few highlights from our day:
Aaron loved his first Thanksgiving meal! (He was too young last year)
So did my girl :)
Rudy and little Rudy samplin the goods The guys shootin the breeze...
The gals shootin the breeze...
The fabulous cooks (I got away easy this year only being asked to bring corn, or KERN, as it's more popularly called...what's up with that Pats?!?! Well, Shawn did cook one of the turkeys I guess...give me more work next time girlfriend! :)
The cutie pies...
Ring around the rosies...

The Thanksgiving/Christmas dance...

Awww yeah...that's what it's all about baby!


  1. Ahhhh, I wish I was dancing with both of those little angels. I can't believe how big Aaron is...doing ring around the rosies...what a man. Love you tons DA!

  2. Cute photos! You all look so happy! Wishing for some of that great Texas weather today. BRRR! It's cold in Utah!