A good portion of my life has been spent playing the piano for everyone else's diva moments. Now it's my turn. I invite you to accompany ME through my life's diva and, well, not so diva-like moments. It'll be entertaining. Promise.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This was the closing song for Family Home Evening this week:

Such a little man!

Oh, and for those of you who don't know and can't understand the lyrics:

I am a child of God, and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do, to live with Him someday.

It's pretty much the most well known children's song in our church - comparable to Jesus Loves Me in other denominations. It's one of my favorite hymns.


  1. cute, Cute, CUTE!!!! What a little man! He did such a good job. Give him an extra big squeeze for me. Oh, and I love that he's in shorts! Gotta be nice!

  2. He has such musical talent, like his parents! So adorible!

  3. Derek and I had to watch that a couple times! SO cute! Did he say Grandma in there somewhere? haha