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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goings on...

We had a wonderful visit this past week and a half with my mom and dad. They brought us some furniture and other goodies from home they had saved for us. Here are a few highlights from the visit...
Aaron's first time crawling on the sand on Padre - he's not in a bathing suit because we were only going to go for a quick foot dip in the gulf - that turned into 45 minutes of water-lovin'! My parents couldn't believe the warm gulf water temps - that's because they normally vacation in Seaside, Oregon where the water is still freezing in August!

Snoopy's - a favorite gathering with out-of-towners. My mom and dad can't get enough of this place - I lost track of the number of times they went - was it 3 or 4??? Needless to say, they LOVE fish and chips. :)

My favorite little girl checkin the water for dead fish and tadpoles.
This picture is my favorite - my mom played beauty shop every day with Kaylee and sometimes my dad and I were special guests. Kaylee was Gabriella (the shops customer), my mom was Betty (the shop owner) and Sharpay (another customer). I was Taylor (another customer), and Grandpa was Stanley the workman. Well, on this particular day, Stanley invited Taylor to a dance for a date, so Taylor got all dressed up with Stanley and off they went. My mom has the worlds best imagination, and those two spent hour upon hour in the beauty shop. They had all sorts of things for sale, from dresses, to shoes, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, and headbands. I scored with a cinderella music box for I think 10 cents! Anyway, I will have my work cut out for me keeping up with my mom on this one - thanks mom for giving Kay some great memories!
Some other highlights that didn't make the camera...
  • Kaylee and dad had a special time with the card games Uno and Sequence - many fun hours were spent there.
  • Shawn and I had the bright idea to take my dad to a Hawks game for Father's Day - didn't turn out quite as planned. I had a coupon (suprised??) and it ended up being seats on the berm (sp?) - the grassy section where you can't see the ball - but that wasn't the best part - dad wanted to buy us some food - we got 3 teeny little mugs of lemonade for $12 and teeny little tube steaks (hotdogs) for $3.25 A PIECE! On top of that, they only took cash and after pooling all our cash we were still .75 short. The salesman took pity on our poor souls and let us off the hook. What a RIP-OFF! Needless to say - a run to the border (Taco Bell) was in order on the drive home...
  • We found some nice country land out in Portland while trying to find some friends of my parents neighbors - the GPS didn't recognize the address because it was too new - I doubt my parents will think about buying a GPS anytime soon after that nightmare. :)
  • Shawn and I got to get away for a few days while my parents watched the kids - it was so nice, but photographically undocumented (did you like that one?!) because we didn't take my parents camera and mine got ruined when a water bottle spilled in my purse on Kaylee's last day of school. Soooo...we went to San Antonio to the temple and Wicked (both were awesome), then drove to Fredericksburg the next day and spent a night there in the cutest little B&B. Had some fabulous banana crepes the next morning (I am salivating thinking about them). We walked up and down main street for a few hours the next day before driving home and got to eat at a nice German restaurant. We had heard wonderful things about that town and we weren't disappointed - it was great and we'll definitely go back again.
  • We didn't quite get our fill of Pinochle and Run-em (Hearts), but had many fun late nights with mom and dad playing!
  • Mom and dad celebrated their 38th anniversary while they were here with....drumroll....a trip to Snoopys!
  • Thanks mom and dad for a great visit - you guys are awesome and WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Sounds like a blast. So glad you had fun and I wish I could have been there. Sorry about your camera da! Nnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa. Good luck with Beauty Shop!

  2. I am so jealous! It is always hard to fill the void that Gma and Gpa leave behind when they are gone. Sara wants me to sit in her room with her for hours upon hours like Shauna does- I am so grateful that they give the kids such personal attention. It is terrible when they leave!

  3. LOVE the last picture!!! Too funny! Believe me I heard ALL about beauty shop. Your mom told me that they told Kay on Sunday that beauty shop was "closed". lol