A good portion of my life has been spent playing the piano for everyone else's diva moments. Now it's my turn. I invite you to accompany ME through my life's diva and, well, not so diva-like moments. It'll be entertaining. Promise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My little Tweedle

Kaylee was in a dance production of Alice in Wonderland - Through the Looking Glass a few weeks ago. She had been working so hard for it. We practiced her lines and songs every day after school and she went to extra practices every Friday and Saturday for 3 months. She had a great time, made some great friends, and did an awesome job in the play. Way to go Kay!

Ms. Alexis - Kaylee's dance teacher
Ms. Jilissa - studio owner
Kaylee and Natasha

Kaylee and Annika The fam
Mrs. Baker - Kaylee's 1st grade teacher


  1. Too cute. I love the top picture of her in her outfit. Looks like she had an awesome time! Can I squeeze her through the computer? Good job dollface!

  2. She is such a cutie and how wonderful that your parents got to be there and for the birthday. I love parents. My mom reminded me of a funny story of you and your mom and a wire hanger or at least a hanger. We chuckled...

  3. Hey Kathryn! I can't believe how big Kaylee is now! And Aaron is 1! That's crazy. Your family looks so cute and happy. It's so good to see your family again. Can I link you to my blog?