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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and a great week!

We had a lot of fun this past week. Shawn's parents were in town, and in many ways it was a repeat of when my parents were here - out to eat, games, aquarium, beach, out to eat, games, fireworks, out to eat, games... you get the picture. Here are some highlights...

As always, the kids had a blast at the beach. We went after dinner...a perfect time because the heat of the day is past and the temperature is perfect. Aaron has become very comfortable with the beach, and crawls around like he owns the place. He heads right out into the water and will stop only when he gets a mouthful of it! It's interesting how he went from being scared of it to so aggressive after just a few visits!

This was taken just when the sun went below the horizon.

And this only a couple of minutes later.

The 4th of July was...you guessed it...HOT! We broke a record here by about 7 degrees and the temp you felt outside was 112. Eh. So we hibernated inside all day and about 4 or so I decided to get the baby pool out and the kids got in and splashed around for a bit. They loved it! Speaking of how fast kids change, I can't believe how different Kaylee is with the sprinkler this year - last year she wouldn't go near it and this year she gets right in the middle of it and wants it in her face! What a difference a year makes!

Then this little guy had some serious business to attend to once swim/bubble time was over!

After the sun went down we headed over to Cole Park. Kaylee had fun on the swings while we waited for the fireworks, and Shawn had fun with the new camera...

My Texas cutie...

And to top it all off - the fireworks, of course! They were way far away - we couldn't even hear the boom! It turned out for the best with Aaron though - he was happily oblivious to the whole thing and kept himself entertained crawling all over the blanket and his sister.

Somehow Larry and Dorothy avoided the pics this time...here's a couple of them on an earlier visit to Corpus. They just got a mission call to the Bulgaria Sofia mission - leaving in October for a year and a half. Larry got us all set up with some high tech computer program so we can talk to them over there for FREE... :) We're excited to hear all your stories you guys! Love you and thanks for a fun week!

Aaron is walking like crazy now - is venturing farther and farther by himself. I'll post another video soon. I am working the next couple of weeks at an opera camp at A&M and then girls camp here I come - YIKES!! Shawn just started teaching a music appreciation class for Summer II session today. Busy month, but fun month. Life is good. :)


  1. It is crazy how much older Kaylee looks now than she did in the pictures from shawn's parents' last visit. They are both so cute! You look great, as always! Looks like a fun and horribly hot fourth!

  2. Oh da, I love it! I love the picture of Aaron with the bubble over his eye. And what a big boy in the sand. I bet Kaylee loves having a little playmate in the water! Miss ya tons da. Good luck this week.