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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sad Demise of Garfield and Diego

1.  BUC days = similar to state fair but on city scale.

2.  Nine-year-old ventures out with friend's family to BUC days.

3.  Comes home toting 2 adorable goldfish she won at BUC days.

4.  Informs me that 2 adorable goldfish will need a home and food tomorrow.

5.  Next afternoon finds me at Walmart purchasing home and food.

6.  Get home only to realize that purchased home does NOT come with gravel and foilage so beautifully displayed on box.  After digging out magnifying glass it is discovered on the bottowm of box in teeny tiny letters that home does NOT come with gravel and foilage so beautifully displayed on the box.  Home is left half-assembled.

7.  Next morning nine-year-old decides temporary home needs to have fresh water. 

8.  2 adorable goldfish apparently do not prefer fresh water. 

9.  Garfield passes first, leaving nine-year-old in a tearful panic and yours truly scouring the internet for ideas to save Diego.

10.  Meanwhile, DH kindly removes Garfield and sends him to sewer heaven, prompting a fresh round of tears from nine-year-old.

11.  After putting up a valiant fight, Diego joins his buddy Garfield in sewer heaven.

12.  Home gets packed back in beautifully decorated non-gravel and foilage box and is mercifully returned.

13.  Moral of the story:  If you ever happen to go to BUC days in Corpus Christi, TX, and you have a school-aged child who will inevitably win a goldfish or two, buy a proper home BEFORE the fair.

14.  And don't forget the gravel and foilage.


  1. Also, don't forget that tap water has chlorine and other compounds toxic to little fishies!

  2. Yeah, Kelsey I should have called you instead of frantically trying to find info online!