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Thursday, January 5, 2012

LSU Trip

Shawn and I got to take off for a rare weekend without the kids in October to see an LSU game.  His parents were here visiting and were kind enough to watch the kiddos.  I had been planning it as a late birthday surprise for Shawn, but with his job and being Bishop, I just had to break the news cause he kept scheduling things!  So he got to look forward to it for a few weeks.
The march with the band down to the stadium is always thrilling.  Love to see that big LSU sign come into view.

Mike the Tiger.

Us on the 50 yard line at half time with Roy King - the athletic band director there. 

We got to squeeze in a visit to the temple right before the game.  Lovin' the white tie schweets.  ;)

The new 300,000 dollar band tower. 

A visit to Baton Rouge would not be complete without stopping by Chimes.

To eat this.  Yum.

We had such a great time!

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