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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Family Time

We are blessed to live in an A-MA-ZING location during the winter.  This was January.  Yes January.  Note the palm trees, beautiful green grass, and water.  Most especially, note the t-shirts.  :)  In these pictures we are at a park we like to walk down to often as a family to let the kids play on the beach.  We call it our "ghetto beach" because, well, yeah, it's fairly ghetto.  Usually lots of trash and graffiti, but hey, it's still a beach and our kids love to climb the big rocks and throw the little rocks in the water.  It's also 7 little blocks from our house, and it comes equipped with a troll bridge.  That is also a mommy-made-up-term for Mr. Aaron.  Here's the story:  When Aaron was 2, he loved to watch Dora, but he would always freak out when the grumpy old troll would make his appearance.  So to ease the pain, I created the "troll bridge" and the "troll tunnel".  You'll see the troll bridge in some of these pictures, and the troll tunnel we see on our walks in the mornings.  I always ask him how many trolls are there, if they are nice or mean, and if they are nice, they always leave presents for Aaron (leaves or flowers in the tunnel).  He loves it and almost 2 years later we are still doing it.  :) 
This is up above the beach in the grassy area.
 Kids on the troll bridge.
 My little model.  :)
 Learning the wonders of the troll bridge.
Here are a few video links of Bekah across the troll bridge with Daddy's help, and Shawn and I being dorks.  :)  We love our Sunday afternoon family time!!

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  1. It looks so beautiful! I loves Kay's posing, Aaron's cute smile and Becca's delicious cheeks. Yum Yum!